Self Driving Car Workshop
Strategic Implications of the Coming Revolution

Understand the disruptive implications of self driving cars technology and the implications for the way products are developed, delivered and owned.

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This unique workshop format works with participants to develop deeper understanding of the developing business models and product innovations associated with self driving cars technology.

It maps out the strategic implications for the auto industry and its suppliers, as well as related sectors such as logistics, insurance and retail.

Combining structured presentations with the opportunity for interaction this event is designed to help you to clarify the key issues and develop concepts to help your company address the future.

Program highlights

    • A review of the current state of the global, distributed innovation process related to self driving cars, and an examination of the underlying technical, economic, legal and geopolitical factors upon which it depends.
    • Key implications for the mobility space will be discussed through an analysis of the economics of self driving mobility as a service vs. self driving cars as a product and an examination of how fully self driving cars will affect different aspects of personal mobility.
    • We explore four potential strategic responses for the auto industry and discuss business models associated with self driving vehicles and their suitability for the various players.
    • We review key implications for model mix, volume, as well as sales and design processes and focus on the major players in the SDC field, including leading OEMs, new entrants such as Google, Uber, key suppliers, including sensor and hardware providers as well as the role of governments.

Who should attend?

This workshop is intended for executives who need to think through the consequences of self driving cars on the strategies, relationships, processes and products of their organizations. It offers frameworks and insights to help them develop their understanding and analysis of the threats and opportunities of SDCs.  It will help them to understand the implications of SDCs and to formulate appropriate strategies for their business.

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The event is led by Dr Alexander Hars

Dr. Hars published one of the first articles on the disruptive potential of self driving cars in early 2010.  Since then he has been intensively involved in the discussion about the future transformation of the auto industry, through research and consulting, scenario development and analysis as well as many speaking engagements.

Dr. Alexander Hars is a thought leader and entrepreneur who anticipates, shapes and drives the implementation of IT-based innovations. After obtaining his PhD in Information Systems in 1993 at a leading research institute in Germany he taught for 8 years at one of the top 20 business schools in the United States (Marshall School of Business, USC).

About Autelligence

Autelligence has cooperated with a number of event organisers in the recent past, and for several years has promoted a series of well received in-depth workshops that allow a limited number of senior industry executives to study key long-term issues in the automotive industry. Autelligence has also published a number of reports on autonomous vehicles and the implications of self driving cars for the automotive industry, as well is related connectivity, electronic systems and sensor developments.

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Full day workshop


24 October
Frankfurt Marriott,
60486 Frankfurt a.M.

2 November
Marriott Centerpoint,
Auburn Hills, MI


“It can be easy to miss the forest for the trees. This workshop gave me a clear structure for what to look at. I would recommend the event to anyone needing to understand what autonomous driving will mean for their business” – Weiran Lu, Global Strategic Marketing, BASF

“Good content and moderation of group discussion….good overview of the topic” – Ekaterina Silaeva, Senior Analyst – Special Projects, Rhenus Assets & Services GmbH

“The event was very rich in information and coverage of strategic aspects of autonomous driving. The quality of the speaker and attendees was very high, and the size of the group was perfect for structured interaction and exchange of views” – Christine Billette, Europe Marketing & Communication Director, Mediamobile

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