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Cybersecurity in the connected car: technology, industry, and future

Technology trends, solutions and standards and future in automotive cybersecurity, with expert interviews, exclusive case studies, and latest developments


Autonomous vehicles to 2027: a detailed review

In-depth analysis of the impact of autonomous driving on the automotive industry: business models, regulation, technology, industry restructuring, forecasts for adoption


21st Century Powertrain: electrification, fuel and future

Technical trends and developments in the 5 major powertrain technologies of the 21st century


Materials & lightweighting: strategies, applications, opportunities

Comprehensive coverage of the lightweighting sector – technical analysis, OEM strategies, supplier opportunities


Turbochargers and superchargers – major trends and the future of forced induction

Technology, business and future of forced induction: market drivers, powertrain strategies, market segmentation and dynamics, forecasts to 2020, current and future forced induction technology, and detailed sector supplier profiles


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Under pressure, BMW tries to convince the world that it is ready to roar back against Mercedes

Count on BMW to begin talking up technology and its product plans. In fact, it has already begun. Top management is under mounting pressure – apparently from the Quandt family — as it slips behind Mercedes not only in sales but in visible product planning, including  electric and autonomous vehicles. So now its executives are […]

At VW, the Diess strategy is back on track

The most alarming news for global automakers last week might have been the announcement that Bernd Osterloh and Herbert Diess have resolved their differences at Volkswagen. The labor dispute had threatened to undermine Diess’ strategy — the first attempt at the first effort to lower VW’s bloated cost base in 35 years, and thus position […]

VW Group is relying on Porsche to show the way in digital revenue

Foremost among high-end performance brands, Porsche is making a play for unlocking revenue sources from such digital products as road information and weather services. The VW Group’s sports car unit has been cutting production costs to help pay for a mobility tech center in Berlin and a digital services unit in Ludwigsburg. The theory is that […]

Automakers and giant suppliers are watching Intel carefully

Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye has the industry buzzing. The deal has intensified the competition for leadership in the obstacle avoidance  technology that will bring autonomous vehicles to market. The repercussions are being felt among both carmakers and suppliers as Intel suddenly becomes a major player in the automotive world. The chip giant has been adding […]

Peugeot talks about a “global empire” and competitors are taking it seriously

The Peugeot family, apparently a driving force behind the Opel deal, have ambitions for the company that go far beyond its recent acquisition in Europe. Family members say the goal for PSA is a global empire, the kind of bold statement we have not heard before. No doubt the United States is on that list, […]

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