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Sustainability in the Tire Industry 2016

Definitive study on sustainability in the tire industry – technology roadmap, key opportunities, future


Internet of Cars: from Disruption to Dominance

Key trends in the connected car market


Automotive 48V Systems – Implications, Opportunities and Prospects

Current and near-future developments in 48V Power Supply Systems


Gasoline spark ignition engines: trends and emerging technologies

OEM strategies, technical analysis, supplier opportunities and future predictions in the gasoline engine sector


Truck fuel efficiency: trends, challenges and emerging technologies

Market drivers, fuel price trends, new and emerging fuel efficiency technologies


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A year after the scandal broke, VW’s true weakness is beginning to show

The ability of Bosnian supplier Nijav Hastor’s Prevent group to hold up Volkswagen production for several days and force the automaker into an uncharacteristic compromise, is a sign of VW’s new fragility, even when it comes to the vaunted Francisco Javier Garcia-Sanz-led purchasing monolith. The weakened state of VW is becoming more evident by the […]

Google’s new hire suggests a key interval in the company’s self-driving car effort

While the recent departure of  technology boss Chris Urmson gave indication of turmoil inside Google,  last week a significant hire was made — the addition of Airbnb marketing superstar Shaun Stewart. The move demonstrates an important new focus on the marketing and business structuring of the technology. While a year ago Google still seemed an […]

Samsung may be shaping up as FCA’s strategic partner

A year ago, Sergio Marchionne appeared on the verge of convincing the investment community to back his effort to merge FCA with General Motors. It didn’t happen, of course, and won’t happen, and Marchionne’s stature in the industry has dipped. Not only has there been no partnering with an OEM, there is none in sight. […]

Dieter Zetsche’s late effort to change Daimler’s culture — and what’s really going on?

Dieter Zetsche’s last couple of years as Daimler’s CEO seem to be oriented toward making cultural changes within a staid organization. The CEO is attempting to leave a legacy that would prevent him from being be consigned to history as a guy who left in his wake a company unable to compete with the Teslas […]

For Honda, the NSX is more than a halo car. It’s about fixing Acura

Honda’s strategy for two or three years now has been to revive its reputation as an engineering and innovation leader. The new NSX, arriving a quarter-century after the first one, is central to Takahiro Hachigo’s strategy to recast Honda in this light. That’s fine, though a bit abstract. The more significant purpose of the NSX is […]

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