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Autonomous vehicles to 2027

In-depth analysis of the impact of autonomous driving on the automotive industry: business models, regulation, technology, industry restructuring, forecasts for adoption, strategic analysis of market leaders


21st Century Powertrain: electrification, fuel and future

Technical trends and developments in the 5 major powertrain technologies of the 21st century


Materials & lightweighting: strategies, applications, opportunities

Comprehensive coverage of the lightweighting sector – technical analysis, OEM strategies, supplier opportunities


Turbochargers and superchargers – major trends and the future of forced induction

Technology, business and future of forced induction: market drivers, powertrain strategies, market segmentation and dynamics, forecasts to 2020, current and future forced induction technology, and detailed sector supplier profiles


Sustainability in the Tire Industry 2016

Definitive study on sustainability in the tire industry – technology roadmap, key opportunities, future


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Five key impediments to a successful self-driving car strategy

The auto industry increasingly recognizes the threats and opportunities associated with self-driving cars. Unfortunately several impediments stand in the way of formulating and implementing a strategy for dealing with self-driving car technology and its impacts: 1) Time: lack of urgency Although the competition in autonomous car technology has heated up considerably over the last 2 […]

GM’s good-bye to Europe is the most radical move by a carmaker since, well, ever

General Motors’ intent to sell Opel to PSA is merely the latest, but by far most radical indication  that the company is not just picking its spots, it is re-evaluating its place in the automotive world. The strategy was foretold by its pullout from Russia, the rethinking of investments in India and South America, and […]

If GM sells Opel to PSA expect a big knock-on effect throughout the industry

The Opel-PSA talks  have sent shock waves through every auto executive suite in the world. It’s what happens whenever a major transaction of this sort is mooted. And this deal is all but done. Mergers and acquisitions always lead to other mergers and acquisitions. News of the talks has focused new attention on other global […]

What will Ola Kaellenius do with Smart?

What will happen with Smart now that Ola Kaellenius is Daimler’s head of product development and most likely its chief executive by 2019? A move last week offers an early indication. In North America, Daimler will make Smart an exclusively electric vehicle brand. It will stop selling gasoline-powered Smart cars in the U.S. and Canada. […]

There is a lot to learn from how Andy Palmer is running Aston Martin

After his long run as Nissan’s No. 2 global thinker under Carlos Ghosn, Andy Palmer has turned Aston-Martin into the world’s most strategically-oriented superluxury/performance company. Consider the way he is managing Aston’s relationship with Daimler. Palmer is niftily taking advantage of Daimler’s technology without handing over authority. It has helped him to set up a […]

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