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21st Century Powertrain: electrification, fuel and future

Technical trends and developments in the 5 major powertrain technologies of the 21st century


Materials & lightweighting: strategies, applications, opportunities

Comprehensive coverage of the lightweighting sector – technical analysis, OEM strategies, supplier opportunities


Turbochargers and superchargers – major trends and the future of forced induction

Technology, business and future of forced induction: market drivers, powertrain strategies, market segmentation and dynamics, forecasts to 2020, current and future forced induction technology, and detailed sector supplier profiles


Sustainability in the Tire Industry 2016

Definitive study on sustainability in the tire industry – technology roadmap, key opportunities, future


Internet of Cars: from Disruption to Dominance

Key trends in the connected car market


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Purging the VW execs involved in the scandal: In Wolfsburg they say it can’t happen fast enough

It’s not a strategy, it’s a tactic. VW executives have to keep themselves out of prison if they are going to plot a future for the company. But inside Wolfsburg — ironically, in a week when six officials were indicted — the picture continues to become clearer. The total cost of the scandal is now largely […]

Whither FCA? This could be a very difficult year

What becomes of Fiat Chrysler in 2017 is a topic being talked with increasing curiosity across the industry, and the events of last week only raised the intensity level. Especially now that the U.S. Government is ready to make an example of  FCA for diesel emissions misdeeds after it allowed VW’s illegalities to go unnoticed […]

Superluxury SUVs: Can things get any crazier?

Wolfgang Durheimer was drawing a lot of attention at the Detroit show, making news about hybrids, but also hyping the Bentayga. Now it is becoming clear that Mercedes will challenge the $400,000 SUV from Bentley with a Maybach SUV. What else would you expect? The superluxury SUV war is turning out to be the modern […]

Here it is, the first serious sign of a Chinese brand that could make inroads in the United States

China’s Guangzhou Automobile made a moderate-sized splash at the Detroit show by showing the Trumpchi EnSpirit concept and the Trumpchi GS7 and GE3 models. And it is and talking quite believably about entering the U.S. market. GAC’s plans sounds plausible, unlike those of several other minor Chinese players that have prospected in the United States. […]

Now it’s the Asian luxury brands that are taking aim at Tesla

The big drive into electric vehicles began in earnest a year ago, with surprise offensives from Ford and Volkswagen and the Tesla-chasing efforts of Mercedes, Porsche and Audi that emerged later in 2016. Who was missing from that group? The Asian luxury marques. But that is about to change as Hyundai’s Genesis, Infiniti and Lexus […]

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