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Powertrain to 2025: Trends and Risks

Technical trends and developments in the five major powertrain areas. Analysis, discussion of recent events and developments and assessment of their likely impact.


Cybersecurity in the connected car: technology, industry, and future

Technology trends, solutions and standards and future in automotive cybersecurity, with expert interviews, exclusive case studies, and latest developments


Autonomous vehicles to 2027: a detailed review

In-depth analysis of the impact of autonomous driving on the automotive industry: business models, regulation, technology, industry restructuring, forecasts for adoption


Materials & lightweighting: strategies, applications, opportunities

Comprehensive coverage of the lightweighting sector – technical analysis, OEM strategies, supplier opportunities


Turbochargers and superchargers – major trends and the future of forced induction

Technology, business and future of forced induction: market drivers, powertrain strategies, market segmentation and dynamics, forecasts to 2020, current and future forced induction technology, and detailed sector supplier profiles


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Lyft may be smaller, but is showing to be more strategically capable than Uber

While Uber goes through a kind of PR hell, rival Lyft keeps signing up OEM partners in its push toward self-driving vehicles. Already teamed with General Motors, now Jaguar Land Rover, via its mobility services subsidiary InMotion, is investing in Lyft and making plans up to supply vehicles for the AV effort. Also, Lyft recently raised $600 million in […]

Tesla out of capacity in California? Seriously?

Tesla needs to build a new factory to maintain its growth rate, having run out of room at its plant in Fremont, California. Yet that pronouncement by Elon Musk was met with near disbelief throughout the industry because the EV maker produces only a fraction of the number of cars that NUMMI, the General Motors-Toyota […]

Neumann leaves Opel. Does he already have something lined up at VW?

When Karl-Thomas Neumann stepped down as head of Opel this week attention immediately swung to the possibility that he would replace troubled Rupert Stadler at Audi. Neumann has been well regarded at Opel, yet clearly will not have the kind of independence under PSA he had with General Motors. He remains a hot commodity. And besides […]

Honda’s secret plan to become a serious EV player

Toyota is playing catch-up in the electric vehicle realm, even putting Akio Toyoda in charge of the division last year. And now Honda is playing catch-up to Toyota. Honda has revealed that last fall it set up an EV division, ala Toyota, for electric vehicle development, and set forth an aggressive new vehicle launch strategy. […]

GM’s surprising, continuing commitment to lower rental fleet sales in the U.S.

At the root of General Motors’ declining market share in the U.S. is its declining daily rental fleet volume. And now GM executives say they will continue cutting the level of rental car business as they plan a fourth consecutive year of lower rental sales. It is a confirmed strategic turnaround that would have been […]

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