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Sustainability in the Tire Industry 2016

Definitive study on sustainability in the tire industry – technology roadmap, key opportunities, future


Internet of Cars: from Disruption to Dominance

Key trends in the connected car market


Automotive 48V Systems – Implications, Opportunities and Prospects

Current and near-future developments in 48V Power Supply Systems


Gasoline spark ignition engines: trends and emerging technologies

OEM strategies, technical analysis, supplier opportunities and future predictions in the gasoline engine sector


Truck fuel efficiency: trends, challenges and emerging technologies

Market drivers, fuel price trends, new and emerging fuel efficiency technologies


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A flagship Cadillac sedan? The decision will say much about the brand’s future strategy

General Motors’ Cadillac brand has been working out strategies for China, for its U.S. dealers and, most importantly, for its product lineup. So far things haven’t quite jelled. The current CTS, priced $12,000 more than its predecessor, did not come close to challenging the 5 series and E class. And talk of a flagship has subsided. […]

Uber flexes its muscle in a watershed week for autonomous vehicles

The past week felt like a turning point in the realm of autonomous driving. Ford’s five-year focus on building cars with no steering wheels, and Uber’s plan to put a fleet of driverless Volvos on the road in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in less than five months feel like watershed events. They also demonstrate the variety of strategies being employed […]

Investors roll up in China for a second generation of EV start-ups

Industry executives are taking note of the amount of money being raised by Chinese entrepreneurs like WM Motor’s Freeman Shen for their electric vehicle start-ups. It’s fairly staggering. In effect, it is a second generation of Chinese EV  start-ups and it is being driven by the government’s support for EVs and a desire among investors to […]

VW’s big EV-led product strategy will begin at the Paris show

It is intriguing to see how product development will play out at Volkswagen. The investment levels have been necessarily curtailed, so it will be no gaudy, Ferdinand Piech-style experimentation as happened in the past with the likes of the  VW Phaeton. It’s all serious, sober product planning, and electric vehicles are the focus. VW’s plan […]

Why did General Motors go after Lyft?

Is General Motors’ $20 billion cash reserve the reason it reportedly tried to buy all of Lyft? And does it mean that GM — with more cash than at any time since the very early 2000s, when it made the disastrous decision to link up with Fiat —  is ready to chase major acquisitions? It […]

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